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All of us at Pedal Power get along really well.  We consider each other family.  We get together outside of work regularly to BBQ or see some great live music here in San Marcos. We are a small crew, but we like it this way. 

We work very hard to bring you a great bike shop.


Tamara Piper - Store owner. Since 1999

Our head honcho is also the head salesperson here at Pedal Power.  When she's not guiding customers in the store, she's doing the books, when she's not doing the books, she's ordering product, when she's not ordering product, well.... you get the picture.

When she's not at work she is still at work.  She's the owner.


Paalo Anderson - Manager. Since 2016

Paalo (pronounced "Paul-O") Paalo takes the job of helping you with your new bicycle very seriously, yes sir. He is a great rider of anything with two wheels, certainly.  Paalo will be the first among us to suggest where to ride, what time of day to do it, and even what gear to be in for a particular climb, yes sir!  He has the most product knowledge of the group, and is so far ahead of us with product testing, that we have no hope of catching up, no ma'am.

Paalo has been known to spontaneously run an off road marathon with no notice.  All of us look to Paalo for advice in just about everything we get into.  He is a valuable resource with a wealth of experiences.


Drew Hochstatter - Service Manager. Since 2004

Drew is fiercely detail oriented and loves  well engineered equipment.  He has 20 plus years of experience working in bike shops.  He holds multiple Automotive Standard of Excellence certifications as well as factory maintenance certifications from Shimano, Trek, and others.

Drew has a storied past racing both on and off road.  Climbing and descending like he is on fire is his specialty.  

Drew builds and races cars in his spare time, so he always appreciates tips!


Griffin Piper - Sales. Since 2002

I know what you are thinking, he's only 18.  How can he have worked here since 2002? That math doesn't work.  Griffin has been coming to work at the shop since the day he was born!  Don't be afraid to trust him, he may look like a "sales kid" but he has more experience than almost anyone you will find in a bike shop!

He works full time, but when he does get time off, Griffin is a blacksmith, metal worker, and wood craftsman with skills already beyond his years.


Jake Simmons - Sales. Since 2020

Jake probably has the most passion for bikes of any of us. The world of bicycles comes natural to him and he is a perfect fit here at Pedal Power.  He is the one in the group most likely to be excited by a vintage road racing bike, or a strange home made cruiser.  Jake has been and is still a professional motorsports videographer for the past 12 years. He has an eye for beauty, and a genuine interest in guiding people to the right products.

In his spare time, Jake can be found enjoying nature, going on epic cycling trips, discovering a new gourmet coffee, or just Hammocking.


Crouton - Service dog. Since 2020

Crouton is like a living stuffed animal.  He is always ready to support any of us with a great snuggle when we feel stressed.  He is a service dog in training and take his classes very seriously.  You may hear him barking from the depths of the back room if he feels left out of the action.  

When he's not at the shop you may find Crouton enjoying our beautiful city parks, or just sleeping on the living room floor.  He likes sleeping a lot.

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